3 Nov 17

Learn about business models of the future at Remarketing Forum

The Automotive industry is changing fast. We’re on our way to a connected, electric and self-driving future. Those megatrends are reshaping the Remarketing sector as well.

The contours of tomorrow’s business models are already visible. For future success, come learn about them at the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, on 5 December in Estoril, Portugal.

Culture shift

Technology is transforming the way used cars are remarketed – increasingly online, more and more to end customers, and to an ever-higher degree across borders. Taxation and legislation, once favourable towards diesel, are turning against the fuel, with a cumulative effect on Residual Values. And the culture shift from owning to sharing is giving rise to different usage models, and ultimately different remarketing patterns.

The coming years will see a profound shift in the Remarketing industry. This will bring both challenges and opportunities – and both are the subject of this year's Remarketing Forum, one of the highlights of which is an examination of the Remarketing business models of the future.

Confirmed speakers

Here is an overview of some of the confirmed speakers at the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum who will be specifically addressing the changing nature of Remarketing business models.  

  • Sebastian Fuchs (Cox Automotive) will discuss the expansion of Remarketing from the B2B to the B2C space.
  • Ib Kimose (Autorola) will talk about the impact of popular new business models like car-sharing and private lease, with their shorter lease cycles, on Remarketing.
  • Frederic Van Heems (ALD) will highlight how advances in technology have made it easier – and more profitable – to process B2E Remarketing, also known as Upstream Remarketing.
  • Johan Meyssen (Cars on the Web) will go into the pros and cons of the B2C and B2E business models. While providing extra opportunities, they also come at an extra cost.
  • Marcel Derycker (IWS) will examine the opportunities created by B2C/E business models for warranty programmes and warranty holders.

Group debate

After their individual presentations, the speakers – joined by further experts – will engage in a group debate on the pros and cons of various business models, after which the attendees will have a chance to put their questions to the panel.


The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum (5 December) is part of the Fleet Europe Summit (5-6 December) at Estoril, near Lisbon. Spaces for the Remarketing Forum are still available. Click here for more information on the event, and how to register.


Authored by: Frank Jacobs