31 Jan 20

Learn from the best: Jarno Pajunen, Nokia to speak at Smart Mobility Institute

There are many good reasons to attend next month’s Smart Mobility Institute (SMI)  in Brussels, but here’s one of the more compelling ones: Jarno Pajunen’s case study presentation. Mr Pajunen is Nokia’s top fleet executive – and winner of Fleet Europe’s most recent European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award. 

Mr Pajunen (pictured), Global Category Manager for telecoms multinational Nokia, will be explaining how he builds and implements his mobility strategy. It’s that strategy that won him the Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award at the Fleet Europe Summit, held last November in Estoril, Portugal. So it’s going to be an interesting exposé.

Strategic ownership
What can we tell you already? Nokia’s Global Travel & Fleet team has strategic ownership of the company’s fleet of 12,000 cars worldwide. But Nokia’s fleet strategy is more than just company cars: it combines Travel, Fleet, Mobility and Commuting – in a smart way, of course. 

Pajunen will touch on his company’s vision of the Fleet Management of the future: towards Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and even Benefits as a Service (BaaS). The benefits are many, and varied: better TCO, reduced CO2 footprint, and last but not least, an attractive and future-oriented benefits package that’s sure to appeal to Nokia’s current and prospective employees. 

20 years’ experience
Mr Pajunen is a fleet professional with more than 20 years’ experience in Procurement and Sourcing, in various roles and in an international environment. He has a profound knowledge of the Travel & Fleet and Procurement areas and has an excellent network of contacts within Nokia’s own global network, with various suppliers from the Travel, Fleet and Automotive industries and with peer companies.

Jarno Pajunen’s strong suits are analytics, innovation and attention to green issues – all factors which contributed to his winning the Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award. Fleet professionals aiming for excellence in Smart Mobility are sure to benefit from his contribution to the upcoming session of the Smart Mobility Institute (18-19 February, Brussels)

The Smart Mobility Institute is a cross-functional networking group of buyer profiles willing to share best practices, explore new possibilities, benchmark with suppliers and inspire each other with real mobility solutions. The main topic of the next session is 'Establishing the right framework for the International Request for Mobility as a Service'. 

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs