22 Sep 18

MaaS: the quick and easy way to say ‘multimodal mobility’

Multimodal mobility can be condensed into a much smaller, nimbler term: MaaS. Short for Mobility-as-a-Service, it hinges on the concept of quick and easy access to a variety of mobility modes. That's also the central idea behind this year's European Mobility Week, hence the hashtag #MixAndMove, and the various MaaS pilots, demos and other initiatives taking place around Europe this week. Here is a small sample.

  • UK

The TravelSpirit Foundation is a non-profit network for coders, planners, activists and policymakers, providing research, advocacy, event organisation and business support. Its aim is to develop the social and economic potential of MaaS and other new transport paradigms via what it calls the Open Internet of Mobility: a global digital commons built on open-source and blockchain technology, that keeps as much relevant information as possible on MaaS in the public realm. 

Route Monkey is a leading player in the optimisation of vehicles, goods, people and energy. Its algorithms aim to save their clients money, time and emissions. The company is of the first members of MaaS Scotland, a new organisation uniting tech and transport companies to produce smarter, more sustainable travel.

  • Belgium

To manage all your business travels, you need just two cards. The Modalizy Pass is a MasterCard that allows users to take public transport, taxis, rental bikes and other modes of transport. Modalizy Refill is a single fuel card that allows users to tank their ICE vehicle or recharge their EV. This intelligent and sustainable B2B mobility solution covers all corporate mobility needs and simplifies the processing of travel expenses. 

  • Germany

Car-ship allows users in the Konstanz area to EV-share on an incidental basis, or on a more regular one (e.g. for commuting). 


  • Spain

About 70% of public space in Madrid is taken up by cars. Air pollution increases year after year. MAR de Movilidad aims to reverse that evolution. One example: bike use is increasing by 20% each year, carsharing and public transport use are also on the up and up. MAR de Movilidad wants to help create companies and initiatives around mobility, accessibility and multimodality. 

  • Sweden

By 2030, the climate impact of Sweden's transport sector will have declined by 70%, compared to 2010. That's the target of the 2030 Secretariat, set on 1 January 2018. This is to be achieved by developing cleaner vehicles, better fuel and by changing user behaviour. That last component, of course, means steering consumers towards a more multimodal approach to mobility. 

  • Switzerland

Swiss company routeRANK provides IT solutions for travel and mobility, addressing the entire door-to-door route by integrating all relevant modes of transport such as air, rail, public transport, P+Rail, P+Ride, car, rental car, carsharing, carpooling, e-bike, bike, walk and their many multi-modal combinations.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs