13 Mar 19

Powering Fleets with Data Intelligence: Vinli and ALD join Connected Fleets Conference

Mark Haidar, CEO of Vinli and Derek Barker, Global Strategic Projects CIO at ALD Automotive will enrich the Connected Fleets Conference in Brussels on May 15 & 16 with a presentation on how data intelligence can power your fleet.

“Connectivity leads to the need for data management. Electrification, mobility and autonomous tech development will accelerate the amount of data produced. All the data generated from a connected fleet can be overwhelming and perceived as a threat”, says Steven Schoefs, chief editor of Fleet Europe and moderator at the Connected Fleets Conference.

“However, when mined, analysed and leveraged in the right way it can be turned into fleet management efficiencies. During a keynote presentation, Vinli and ALD will share in Brussels on May 16 how intelligent data management can be used to support the deployment of winning corporate fleet and mobility strategies on an international scale.”

The topics of the Powering Fleets with Data Intelligence presentation:

  • Market trends: ownership, electrification, connectivity and autonomous cars.
  • The role of technology and data in driving the change
  • Global Platform for Local Success
    • Fostering an Internal Developer Community
    • Driver Frameworks
    • Fleet Portal Frameworks
    • Data Intelligence and Predictive Services
  • Automating Intelligence & Insights

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the experts - join the Connected Fleets Conference in Brussels on May 15 & 16.

Derek Barker joined ALD Automotive in June 2002, where he was the IT Director for ALD UK for more than 10 years. In 2017, he joined ALD SA as the Global Strategic Project CIO. During his time at ALD, Derek and his team have been responsible for numerous digital solutions, including ALD’s first online quotation system back in 2002, to the full consumer digital journey in 2017.  In 2008, ALD UK dove into the world of telematics with a 3rd party partnership and in 2015 developed ProFleet. Derek and his team are now responsible for several global digital initiatives, including this exciting partnership with Vinli and The Connected Car.  

Born and raised in Lebanon, Mark Haidar founded his first tech company by the age of 17 and built award-winning technology systems before his 21st birthday. After moving to the U.S. to get his master’s degree at the University of Detroit Mercy, Mark led the development of a connected car project for the US Army. With aspirations to create a better world through technology, Mark co-founded Dialexa, a Technology, Research and Creation firm where he helped build more than 42 products. It’s internal incubator, Dialexa Labs, has spun out four companies including Vinli, the world’s leading connected car platform, and Robin, the world's first robotic mowing service.


Authored by: Dieter Quartier