28 Nov 18

"Shared mobility is coming"

The third session of the Smart Mobility Talks addressed shared mobility as a disruptor, delving into the way to implement this mobility service in corporate fleets.


Corporate roadmap

"Shared mobility is coming, it is a matter of how fast, not whether," says Kenneth Malmberg (Ridecell). For fleet managers to avoid having to become technology geeks in order to provide corporate car sharing, companies such as Ridecell help them out on the technology side.

Ridecell provides a platform for corporate ride sharing, car sharing, and ride hailing, in order to optimise fleet utilisation and create new revenue opportunities. To complete the shared mobility service mix, they can even add car pooling to the platform. But no worries, it does not have to happen overnight: Ridecell provided us during the Mobility Talks with a ‘corporate roadmap to new mobility’.


The solution of today

Shotl and Omoove showed us the do’s and don’ts of shared mobility, from their experience with this new mobility service. Omoove, for instance, brings shared mobility closer to the company, by providing tailor-made solutions for larger fleets or plug-and-play solutions for those who are not that keen on working out the analytics.

Gerard Martret (Co-founder & CCO of Shotl) explained how his autonomous shuttle service cuts operation costs while increasing demand. Best described as a mobility service between a taxi and a bus, Shotl provides on-demand public transportation. "Even though we think the future will be autonomous," says Mr Martret, "We are providing a solution that is needed today".

Authored by: Fien Van den steen