30 Oct 19

Smart Mobility Talks 2019: how to disrupt, innovate and win

Disrupt, innovate and win: for mobility start-ups, that’s the recipe for success. Come find out how to mix those ingredients at the Smart Mobility Talks on 7 November, the second day of the Fleet Europe Summit, from 9:30 to 12:00.

If you’re in the mobility business, and your motto is Business as usual, then your shopfront will soon carry the sign Out of business

That’s the argument against standing still. So what’s the direction forward? The Smart Mobility Talks at the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit are an excellent place to test your taste for disruption, and your talent for change. 

The Talks focus largely on what start-ups need to know to succeed, but also move into the crucial interaction between mobility and safety. They will take place in the Smart Mobility Area of the Fleet Europe Village. Here’s the run-down, speakers, themes and times:

The key requirements a Start-up needs to be attractive for investors

  • Antoine Garrigues, Managing Partner at Iris Capital

Mobility start-ups need capital to turn their innovative concepts into solid businesses. While mobility may be a hot topic, there are many newcomers on the market, vying for the attention of potential investors. How do you stand out? Mr Garrigues knows a thing or two about what makes investors say yes rather than no to a business plan. In this talk, he will discuss just what those key requirements are. 

Smart Mobility Start-up success stories

  • Olivier de Clercq, CEO at PARKD
  • Luca Samori, CCO at Fixico
  • Frédéric Stiernon, Founder of CarPay Diem

How do you turn a great idea into a winning business proposition? Nobody is better placed to answer that question than these three speakers: they’ve been there and done that. PARKD (represented by Mr De Clercq) won the 2017 Smart Mobility Start-up Award, while Car-Pay Diem (represented by Mr Stiernon) was that year’s runner-up. Fixico (represented by Mr Samori) won the same award last year.

Reconciling Mobility and Safety

  • Patrick Kenning, Business Development Manager at Uber For Business

Corporates are increasingly shouldering social responsibilities. When it comes to mobility, the obvious social responsibility is safety. Less obvious: What are the best practices in this respect? For ‘safety’ is a many-faceted topic – there’s the aspect of employee safety, which may involve solutions as varied as training sessions and telematics applications; and there’s the responsibility for other road users. Representing one of the world’s most-recognised mobility brands, Mr Kenning will explain how to balance safety with the other requirements of smart fleet and mobility management.

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs