10 Nov 17

Start-up Lab is meeting place for innovators and Fleet industry

As automotive innovation accelerates, start-up companies are increasingly crucial to the Fleet industry. High time, therefore, that the start-up ecosystem and the Fleet industry got to know each other a bit better. And that's exactly what the Start-up Lab at the Fleet Europe Summit is all about. 

The Fleet Europe Summit 2017 is the collective name for a series of events that will draw in international fleet decision makers to Estoril (Portugal) on 5-6 December. 

Increased focus
Next to main events like the Fleet Europe Forum and major exhibits like the Fleet Europe Village, the Summit has increased its focus on start-up tech companies – an important source of the knowledge, tools and services the Fleet industry seeks in order to prepare for the future. 

At Estoril, there will be a Start-up Café, an area dedicated to networking, and, at the Fleet Europe Awards ceremony, an Award for Start-up of the Year. But, considering the fact that start-up companies and the Fleet industry often have difficulties in identifying areas of common interest, perhaps the most interesting event will be the Smart Mobility Start-up Lab. 

The Smart Mobility Start-up Lab is an interactive session designed to provide start-ups with a detailed insight on the European Fleet and Mobility market – who are the market leaders, what are the trends, opportunities and challenges, what are the do’s and don’ts, etc. 

Confirmed speakers
Confirmed speakers are from the Fleet industry, the Mobility world and of course the start-ups themselves: 

  • John Saffrett (COO, ALD Automotive) will explain how global Fleet management companies are working with start-ups to innovate in the industry. 
  • Ricardo Marvao (Head of Global Project, BETA-I) will discuss how start)ups and bigger companies can work together for the benefits of both and  how start-ups can get the financial help they need without surrendering their souls.
  • Alexandre Meyer (CEO, Weproov - the winners of last year's Start-up of the Year Award) will share his experience as a growing start-up in the mobility industry and how they have grown and financed themselves in the past years. 
  • Caroline Thonnon (CEO, Nexus Communication) will talk about the state of the European Fleet and Mobility Industries and the latest trends that create changes and drive innovation.

But the idea is not just to learn by listening, also to encourage discussions between all the parties present: the start-ups, the speakers and last but not least: representatives of the Fleet and Mobility industry - Sixt, Toyota, ALD Automotive, Athlon and ARC Europe, and more. 

The Smart Mobility Start-up Lab will take place during the Fleet Europe Summit, on 6 December from 8:30 to 10:30.

You are a Start-Up and you want to participate to this interesting session? 

Secure your seat by contacting Laura Petit on the following address: lpetit@nexuscommunication.be

Authored by: Frank Jacobs