15 May 20

Volvo focuses on employee wellbeing

In the New Normal, we need to take greater care of our states of mind. To do so, Volvo is teaming up with wellbeing app Remente. You can learn more about employee wellbeing by joining the SMI workshop on this very topic.

The pandemic continues, but life must go on. As countries come out of lockdown and economies resume, the ‘New Normal’ requires us – corporates and their employees – to deal with uncertainty while resuming our daily activities. 

Wellbeing app
Take Volvo, for instance: its offices have re-opened and its factories are humming again, but neither is at full capacity. Remente, a Gothenburg-based app offering wellbeing and self-development, is working with Volvo to offer its 43,000 employees a way to deal with the insecurity and uncertainty that is endemic to our times.

Volvo employees can access Remente’s premium service for free. The cooperation with Remente is just one of Volvo’s wellbeing initiatives for its workforce, specifically aimed at combatting the negative impact of the pandemic.  

Accelerating trend
Launched in 2016, Remente’s download rate had almost doubled since the start of the pandemic. By 2030, the WHO expects depression to be the most significant disease globally. The pandemic will likely only accelerate the trend.

In response, companies are increasingly acknowledging the importance of employee wellbeing. A recent US study shows that since the pandemic, 53% of employers surveyed have started offering emotional and mental support programmes to their employees.

The Smart Mobility Institute is offering an online workshop on Employee Wellbeing. Attendance is free, but registration is required. If you’re fast, you can still make today’s one, at 13:30 CET. If not, the next one is at Wednesday, 20 May (also at 13:30 CET).

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs