10 Oct 18

WeProov wins Mondial.Tech Startup Awards

WeProov, a provider of innovative and user-friendly ways to create inspection reports for cars and other property, has won the first edition of the Mondial.Tech Startup Awards at the Paris Motor Show. The French start-up was chosen among 478 candidates from 53 countries.

WeProov was set up in 2016 by Alexandre Meyer, Gabriel Tissandier and Jean-Luc Manceron, who developed mobile technology to create inspection reports from a distance. In the same year, they won the very first Fleet Europe Start-Up of the Year Award.

“Organising these awards was quite a challenge,” commented David Puech, Marketing and Development Manager for the Mondial Paris Motor Show. “Never before has anyone organised an equally broad event. This first edition was a huge success as we have gathered experts, corporate leaders and investors. Moreover, the winners of each category will continue their adventure as they will benefit from collaborations with each category sponsor. I’m sure they’ll soon reach the stars!”

WeProov won the Grand Prix, the overall award. Other prizes were awarded in these categories:

  • Security, automation and cybersecurity: WeProov (France)
  • Sustainable mobility: GoTo Mobility (Israel)
  • Electrification and hybridation: Silicon Mobility (France)
  • Weight reduction: Gazelle Tech (France)
  • Comfort and on-board well-being: Nanomade (France)
  • Storage and energy systems: EP Tender (France)
  • Connectivity and STI: Parkbob (Austria)
  • Industry 4.0: Arculus (Germany)
Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck