12 Apr 18

Why car-sharing will boost EV sales

car2go presents a compelling case

Europe-based EV mobility provider car2go thinks car-sharing is the breakthrough electric mobility needs. It has published a white paper listing five reasons why.

car2go CEO Olivier Reppert has repeatedly stated he believes the future of car-sharing is electric: “Car-sharing and electric mobility follow the same strategic goal of making cities cleaner and better places to live, yet there is much more to it.”

Daimler-owned car2go is currently the world’s largest provider of purely electric fleets. It has set itself the goal of making the future of car-sharing electric.

5 Reasons why car-sharing will be the breakthrough for Electric Mobility

1) Car-sharing solves the “chicken and egg” problem regarding the development of a charging infrastructure.

Cities are aware of the benefits of electric mobility but are reluctant to develop a comprehensive charging infrastructure until there are more EV owners. But car buyers won’t invest in electric cars unless there are places to charge them.

Parallel development of electric car-sharing and a charging infrastructure will ensure better utilisation of the network from the beginning.

2) Car-sharing reduces people’s reservations about using electric mobility.

The electric car is not yet mainstream, which makes it difficult for potential customers to experience driving one without obligation. Car-sharing with EVs makes them easily accessible without the commitment.

3) Car-sharing using EVs proves electric mobility is suitable for high intensity usage.

People don’t want to be burdened with the teething troubles of a new technology. Companies like car2go are in effect testing and helping to iron out those issues in their everyday operation.

4) Purely electric car-sharing improves air quality in cities - immediately

Cities across the world face the same challenge: how to cater to the rising population’s need for transport at the same time as dealing with the negative impacts of increasing traffic.

car2go customers in Madrid, Stuttgart and Amsterdam have already driven over 63 million electric kilometres, which equates to 1,600 times around the world, thus saving thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide.

5) Car-sharing is the perfect testing ground and experimental field for electric mobility.

Innovative approaches to mobility are developing continually and each of them requires a testing ground. EV carsharing provides the perfect solution.

car2go’s arguments are compelling but what do other experts think? More on this next week.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway