15 Jan 16

Patrick Bunnik, XXImo: “Sodexo's stake ensures faster growth for XXImo”

Take the train in one country, rent a bike in another, and pay for parking at the airport in a third one – XXImo's Mobility Card does it all and more, across Europe. For now, the company only takes clients in the Netherlands and Belgium. But Germany is next, with more countries to follow soon, explains XXImo CEO Patrick Bunnik.

XXImo is soon to celebrate the 100,000th user of its Mobility Card. And the count is likely to go up exponentially. Not just because of expansion into Germany, starting in March. Also because of the involvement of Sodexo, the facility management multinational.

“Last October, Sodexo acquired a stake in XXImo, with the plan to take buy out all shareholders within two years and take complete ownership of the company”, says Patrick Bunnik.

“This won't change our growth strategy, it will only speed it up. Our plan was to expand into one new country per year. With the support of Sodexo, its presence across many markets and its investment power, we now expect to expand a lot faster than that”.

Large corporates
XXImo's sales strategy will also remain unchanged. The company targets three types of clients: large corporates, where it aims to facilitate business mobility in the broadest possible sense; sole traders, a fast-growing segment, keen to outsource the admin associated with mobility; and consultancy work, where it aims to provide a holistic picture of a company's mobility needs.

“Our focus is on the large corporates”, Bunnik specifies. “Over the last half year, we've witnessed them increasing their focus on digitisation and on mobility budgets, which is where we come in”.

Pre- and post-trip
So what are XXImo's operational ambitions for 2016? “Our services have three segments: pre-trip, on-trip, post-trip. The middle bit is excellent: certifying that our clients have the right to use the wide variety of mobility we offer. We're going to work on the pre-trip bit: giving the end users the tools to book and use our services themselves”, Bunnik proposes. “We'll cut out the middle man, make it more self-service. And we'll improve the post-trip bit: further digitising data exchanges and expense management, eliminating manual processing”.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs