20 Jun 18

ALD France develops tool to measure employee mobility

After two months of testing a tool that measures the mobility patterns of employees, ALD France is now taking the project to the next level. 

The tool reports on means of transport, times of arrival and departure, travel distance and duration and CO2 emissions for each of the employees surveyed. Based on this information, and on the mobility requirements of the moment, it proposes the best route for specific destinations, combining various mobility modes if necessary. 

The as-yet-nameless tool was tested on 400 employees at Sopra Steria, an IT company headquartered in Annecy, and at ALD itself. It was developed in cooperation with Mobeelity, a French mobility startup that provides an intermodal mobility platform that combines both public and private transit options. 

The aim is for the tool to aid French companies in understanding and optimising the mobility needs of their employees, and ultimately help them set up their PDE (Plan de Déplacements d'Entreprise, or Corporate Mobility Plan). Since 1 January 2018, all French companies with at least 100 employees are obliged to produce a PDE, offering alternatives to traditional, one-person-one-car business mobility.  

There are as yet no plans to deploy the tool outside of France. 



Authored by: Frank Jacobs