26 Apr 18

IKEA France forms partnership with Renault MOBILITY

Flat-pack furniture giant IKEA has signed a partnership with Renault MOBILITY to offer its customers in France access to zero emission cars and vans.

The service will help customers make their way home with their shopping by providing vehicles to hire by the hour.

The programme will start at the IKEA Paris-Villiers store before being rolled out to all 33 IKEA stores in France by September. Customers made almost 55 million visits to IKEA stores in France last year.

Initially Renault MOBILITY will provide vehicles with a mix of electric motors and internal combustion engines, depending on the charging infrastructure available at the IKEA store, but the fleet will be all-electric by 2020.

Renault MOBILITY envisages nearly 300 cars and light commercial vehicles being based at IKEA stores. The manufacturer already has 180 self-service rental fleets available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days per week, based both within the Renault network and in city centres.

Rates start at just €7 per hour, which includes insurance and 100km range. Customers access the vehicles via an app (pictured above).

Vicente Cubells, director of customer relations at IKEA France, said, “With this new partnership, we are looking to provide consumers with a service that enhances our accessibility and complements our existing offer. Fast, easy to use and at an attractive price, this new rental service allows users to adopt a simple mode of transport with, eventually, a fleet comprising 100 per cent electric vehicles. This demonstrates our commitment to a more sustainable way of life.”

Philippe Buros, Renault France sales director, added, “This partnership with IKEA France underlines the relevance of Renault MOBILITY's car-sharing offer and is part of our Renault MOBILITY development strategy in France. This mobility solution, accessible to all, is based on a 100 per cent digital customer journey and the Renault network to guarantee our customers a high quality service.”

With a long-standing commitment to the environment, IKEA has already started to look for ways to reduce the carbon emissions of its fleet, responsible for 4% of the total greenhouse gases created by the business. More efficient packaging has enabled it to fit more products into the same space, thereby reducing the number of road journeys, and it is also exploring alternative fuels.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning