13 Jun 18

11 candidates to replace Autolib' in Paris

The City of Paris has met with 11 vehicle manufacturers and car-sharing specialists, all candidates to replace Autolib' as the city's car-sharing partner. The contract between Paris and Autolib', operated by Bolloré, is running until 2023.

While Autolib' is a popular success with more than 153,000 subscribers, the car-sharing service is a loss leader. It is estimated that by the end of the contract, it will have accumulated losses amounting to €293 million. 

According to the contract between Bolloré on one side and Paris and 60 other adjoining communal governments on the other, the provider has to absorb €60 million of the losses, but the public bodies that are its clients have to cough up €40 million per year to cover the rest. 

In order to find a better replacement, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo (pictured) invited a range of possible replacements for discussions. These were, on the manufacturer side: Renault, PSA, BMW, VW and Daimler; from the car-sharing industry: Drivy, Ubeeqo, Zipcar, Citiz, Communauto, Car2Go, Vulog, Zencarz and Clem'; and rental companies Sixt and Hertz. 

These companies are all angling for a contract that would comprise at least 20,000 shared cars – enough to replace at least 120,000 private vehicles, according to a communiqué released by the City of Paris. 

It went on to point out that “these projects will be carried out by private companies, without public funding. The City will work out beneficial regulations, for example on sharing public space, and on best practices for companies”.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs