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4 Sep 18

Netherlands is EV charging capital of EU

No other country in the European Union has more public EV charging stations than the Netherlands: 32,875 – or 28.1% of the EU total. 

So says ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association. The total number of EV charging stations in the Netherlands, public and private, is more than 122,000 according to Dutch automotive industry association RAI Vereniging. 

Top scorers
The total of publicly accessible EV charging stations in the entire EU is roughly 100,000 units. Other high-scoring countries are:

  • Germany (22%)
  • France (14%)
  • United Kingdom (12%)

In all, the four top-scoring countries represent 76% of all EV charging stations in the entire European Union, even though they represent no more than 27% of the EU’s total surface. 

Worst performers
The worst-performing countries in Europe are located in southeastern Europe:

  • Greece (38 EV charging stations)
  • Bulgaria (94)
  • Romania (114)

ACEA says these figures show the European Parliament’s plan to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 is completely unrealistic. It would require the installation of 700,000 charging stations each year until then. Even the European Commission’s proposal of a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions is highly ambitious, ACEA says. 

Market share
Only if all member states manage to roll out a sufficiently dense network of EV charging stations can consumers be convinced to switch to electric mobility, says ACEA. Right now, EV sales are limited to those countries that are rich enough to subsidise their introduction. 

And even so, the share of plug-ins and pure EVs on the overall market remains relatively small: 2.7% in the Netherlands, 1.9% in the UK, 1.7% in France and 1.6% in Germany, the organisation says.  Only in Sweden is the share significantly higher, at 5.6% (it’s even more in Norway, but that’s not an EU member state). 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs