29 Aug 18

Coca-Cola buys 100 Opel Ampera-Es

Coca-Cola has acquired a fleet of 100 Opel Ampera-E electric vehicles for its Norwegian operations via its leasing partner Arval.  

The Opel Ampera-E is the European version of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. It’s been in short supply since 2017, when GM sold Opel/Vauxhall to PSA Group. Opel is dependent on Chevrolet’s supply of the Bolt, which has been limited to a trickle since Opel/Vauxhall changed owners.

Norway is Europe’s main EV market. Local applications for the Opel Ampera E almost hit the 5,000 mark last year. That was so much higher than what was available that Opel instructed its Norwegian dealers to stop taking orders. Opel was later forced by a GM price hike to up its sticker price for the Ampera E in Norway by around €4,700 to approximately €36,900.

Despite these sourcing issues, Coca-Cola Norway has now announced that it has acquired a fleet of 100 Opel Ampera Es, also mentioning that it would install 176 charging stations at its HQ in Lørenskog. In a statement, it said it was one of the first in major companies in Norway to “replace large parts of its fossil-fuel fleet with EVs”. 


Authored by: Frank Jacobs