29 Nov 18

Shared EVs in Oslo

From next month, December, business travellers to Oslo in Norway will have an alternative means of getting around once they arrive. ALD Automotive has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Norwegian rail operator NSB to put in place a fleet of all-electric car-sharing vehicles.

There will in time be around 250 Renault Zoe models available, through an initiative which also involves GreenMobility, which will provide the car-sharing platform. An app from NSB will enable the car to be reserved, paid for and opened. Payment terms can be by the minute, per day or in the form of a monthly subscription.

Norway is of course very much a leader in the adoption of electric cars, and in certain months, the country’s top selling model – above all petrol and diesel models – has been an electric car, even for example the expensive Tesla Model S. Where the thorny question of recharging is concerned, it is calculated that there are now around 10,000 charging points in the country.

Authored by: Tim Harrup