2 Mar 19

XXImo introduces Mobility Budget package in Belgium

Mobility specialist XXImo is introducing a Mobility Budget package in Belgium. This to support the introduction of the mobility budget measure that will officialy come into practice in March 2019. With the mobility budget, the Belgian federal government wants to convince company car drivers to exchange their company car for a more sustainable model with alternative mobility services.   

The new Mobility Budget package of XXImo combines its existing Business Mobility Card with its new Mobility Budget Card, to offer employees in Belgium the opportunity to move around flexibly, both professionally and privately.

User app and management portal
Since years, the Business Mobility Card is used for business expenses such as refueling, parking, taxi transport, electric charging and public transport. The new Mobility Budget Card also allows the usage of the transport options included in the mobility budget privately in Europe. These options include public transport, taxi transport and many shared mobility solutions, including short-term (motor) scooter, bicycle, car and autoped rental.

The XXImo Milo app remains the central app in terms of planning, mobile payment and administration. Employers are given access to the XXImo Mobility Portal to manage the mobility budget of their employees in real-time, and each month they will receive a VAT invoice according to the mobility expenses of their employees.

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs