26 Jul 22


3 out of 4 corporates find flexibility critical in employee experience

Your workforce is a mix of committed car-lovers, green-driven devotees, tech diehards and body/mind balancers. Each individual has a unique personality and situation, and thus unique mobility needs. The motto of Generation Z seems to be ‘How we move around defines who we are and what we stand for’. These employees in particular want flexible and sustainable mobility. Underpinned by global themes such as inclusivity, diversity and sustainability, companies need to set up cross-functional teams to investigate how best to implement multi-modal solutions into their corporate mobility programmes. 

Research executed by Fleet Europe's Smart Mobility Institute with more than 150 companies in the first quarter of this year revealed that a strong corporate focus on employee flexibility (75%) and employee satisfaction (64%). This clearly shows the importance of involving HR and Comp & Ben in the transition towards smart and sustainable employee mobility.

The latest benefit trend: multi-modal mobility

In order for corporates to remain attractive employers and retain talented employees, they need to rethink their mobility offerings and solutions. This means introducing a holistic mobility approach rather than just company cars. It also means seizing new opportunities and tackling unfamiliar challenges, such as implementing appropriate management and booking tools and payment systems, and ensuring a seamless user experience. 

Accelerate your development with our online programme

To help you understand how flexibility enhances employee satisfaction and how to make it work for your organisation, we are organising an insightful online workshop on 15 September. 
Participate in this programme to:

  • Enhance your knowledge of intelligent and alternative mobility solutions 
  • Benefit from the lessons learned by the industry frontrunners
  • Learn how to successfully implement a diversified and inclusive mobility approach.

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Highlights include:

  • ‘Gen Z wants options’ – A keynote presentation on trends in employees' commuting-mobility expectations and needs.
  • ‘Hop on and off: delivering easy and flexible solutions through a one-stop shop for multi-modal mobility from a single source’ – Sixt, the international mobility service provider, explains how an integrated mobility platform helps change the behaviour of your employees.
  • ‘Business travel made easy’ – From client meetings across town to airport trips, travelling for work can be challenging, not to mention the hassle of claiming expenses. This interactive workshop from FreeNow for Business enables you to better understand employee requirements, possible solutions and how to make a start.
  • ‘Be the benchmark with a holistic 360-degree approach’ – Lessons learned about integrating alternative mobility. 

Gen Z wants options – The Smart Mobility Institute brings you insight into flexible multi-modal mobility solutions
15 September from 13:00 – 17:00 CEST

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Authored by: Saskia Harreman