22 Jun 18

Swiss roll out world's first free carsharing service

In a worldwide first, Swiss startup ENUU is rolling out a free carsharing service in the city of Biel/Bienne. Users get three free rides per day, with extra rides costing 3 Swiss francs (€2.6) per 20 minutes. 

Starting this summer, ENUU will initiate a fleet of 13 Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). These LEVs are car/motorcycle hybrids with a roof, luggage space and an electric motor with a range of 50 km. 

They are small enough not to require a driver's license, and to drive on bicycle lanes – avoiding heavier traffic on the roads. The LEVs will be free-floating within the city limits. Users can locate and book one via a smartphone app. 

A 'balancing team' will take care the LEVs are sufficiently charged and distributed throughout the city. At an as yet to be determined time, the fleet will be expanded to around 60 vehicles. 

In a later phase, ENUU will take its business model for LEV carsharing to other cities in Switzerland, and eventually to other countries as well. To at least partially cover the cost of the freemium model, ENUU will use its vehicles as advertising space. 

Image: ENUU

Authored by: Frank Jacobs