1 Oct 18

Octopus helps Heathrow go green

Octopus Group has just announced that it is funding new zero emission Jaguar I-PACE vehicles at Heathrow Airport, enabling their rollout later this year as part of the airport’s commitment to reduce emissions.

The agreement comes as Octopus launches its innovative new Transport as a Service solution helping UK businesses with large vehicles fleets to accelerate their transition to zero emission transportation, including commercial vehicles, buses and taxis.

This is the first major zero emission vehicle financing contract for Octopus, and will see the first 25 of up to 200 vehicles running at Heathrow Airport from November 2018.

 Chris Hulatt, co-founder of Octopus Group, comments: “There is an urgent need to reduce the traffic pollution in this country as part of the drive to decarbonise. At Octopus we’re focused on finding innovative new ways to help the switch to renewables and to see more zero emission vehicles on our roads. We understand the challenges for businesses and consumers, and we’re committed to developing meaningful services and products that can help them play their part in creating a truly green economy.”

(Image: Jaguar)

Authored by: Tim Harrup