13 Jun 18

Diesel ban likely in Aachen

As reported by Autovista, the German city of Aachen is likely to become the second in the country to introduce a ban on Euro 5 and lower diesel vehicles entering parts of the city. Aachen is located just inside the German border from Belgium and the Netherlands, and is roughly half way between Brussels and Düsseldorf.

The regional court has ruled that authorities in the area must implement a diesel ban in the city by January 2019 to allow the city to comply with EU air quality rules. The hearing was the first since the German administrative court ruled in February that such bans were legal and necessary, and comes after Hamburg introduced a diesel ban on selected streets within its limits.

Jürgen Resch, CEO of environmental group DUH is quoted by Autovista: “We urge the state governments responsible for air pollution control to implement corresponding diesel driving bans directly for all cities and municipalities in Germany that also suffer from exceeding the limit  for diesel exhaust gas NO2. Otherwise, the DUH will look to enforce clean air targets city by city”.

Along with Client Earth, the two groups together have brought 28 legal actions in cities across Germany and said more cases will be heard over the next months. The DUH considers the complete retrofitting of all ten million diesel passenger cars of the Euro 5 and 6 emission levels with new catalysts to be indispensable.

(Image: public domain)

Authored by: Tim Harrup