29 Jan 19

Instant disqualification for speeding UK drivers?

There is much talk of smart cities, smart motorways etc. In the case of the latter, what exactly does this mean and how might it affect drivers? According to Licence Check (now part of online solutions provider Ebbon-Dacs) , the growing number of smart motorways across the UK which rely on Advanced Traffic Management (ATMs) system cameras will increase the need for regular driver licence checking because of the increased capture of speeding events.

Richard Brown, Licence Check’s sales director, explains just how serious this could be:  “Drivers could notch up sufficient penalty points for possible disqualification on just a single journey if they are not continually aware and do not observe motorway speed limits, increasing the onus on fleet managers to check their licences on a more frequent basis. Annually is no longer sufficient.”

The permanent 24-hour ATM smart cameras are live constantly and not just when a lower speed than the national 70 mph limit is showing on the overhead gantry. The ATM system incorporates automatic ticket generation that logs the registration number of any speeding vehicle and issues a speeding ticket.

Speed limits displayed inside a red circle on overhead signs are legally enforceable. Drivers caught by the system face fines of up to £2,500, based on income, and up to six points on their licence. Speeds over 90mph could lead to automatic disqualification.

(Image: The Telegraph)

Authored by: Tim Harrup