17 Nov 23

UBench and DHL Express Announce Strategic Partnership

UBench, a Belgian software solutions company specializing in digitalizing fleet management services, reveals its strategic partnership with DHL Express, a global leader in logistics and parcel delivery services.

DHL Express has consistently prioritized enhancing the efficiency and future-proofing of its fleet management. With a strong focus on optimizing operations and ensuring real-time communication across its ecosystem, DHL Express, led by Steven Van Den Bosch, Fleet Manager, has chosen UBench as its trusted ally to drive this transformation.

"In an era where speed and precision are paramount, this partnership stands as a testament to DHL's commitment to excellence and innovation," said Manuel Medinger, CEO of UBench. "I'm excited about this collaboration and the opportunity to revolutionize the fleet management landscape for DHL. This partnership not only aligns with UBench's mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions but also represents a significant milestone in the industry."

Steven Van Den Bosch, leading the DHL Express Fleet team, expressed his excitement: "We are thrilled to embark on this journey with UBench, setting new standards in fleet management to enhance our services, as the fleet is fundamental to our business. From now on, all communication between DHL, drivers, repairers, and experts will happen digitally and in real-time over the UBench platform. This will result in higher efficiency, lower costs, and, above all, greater fleet availability."

UBench's cutting-edge digital platform will serve as the hub for all communication between DHL, its dedicated drivers, expert repair teams, and industry-leading professionals such as CED. This digital leap will usher in an era of unprecedented operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Authored by: Yves Helven