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16 May 19

How to become the right technology buyer

A panel of various experts (Edwin Colella, Omoove; Nancy Cui, Deutsche Post DHL; Olivier Marion, RCI Bank and Services; Emmanuel Roche, Sixt) shared their findings around the question: is the business case of connected positive? Some interesting conclusions:

  • Olivier Marion introduced the concept of client disintermediation risk: understanding your client via data creates loyalty. Not only the client, but also the supplier benefits from connectivity.
  • Nancy Cui reminds us that ROI is difficult to quantify; not only the apparent savings (fuel, driver behaviour,…) need to be taken into account, also the hidden savings deliver value. The best example is the employee efficiency
  • Where to buy telematics? From the OEM, Leasing vendor or the independent supplier? Edwin Colella tells us that the device needs to be separated from the software; OEMs are increasingly connecting vehicles, but there are still many types of data usage and therefore different vendors. Edwin recommends to check the value chain and match it with the buyer’s objective.
  • Telematics are no longer only about geolocation; more often, the source of telematics data is being integrated in other applications.
  • The trend amongst bigger fleets is to remain OEM independent, making room for independent telematics suppliers.
  • Emmanuel Roche rebranded Sixt as a technology and mobility company and was formal: Sixt is no longer a rental company. When talking about telematics, Emmanuel reminded the audience to look at business continuity and recommends to source for sustainable and finically stable providers.

Moderator Dieter Quartier finally asked: “What makes a good tech buyer?” The panel agreed that a good tech buyer looks at the benefits for the driver first, the Fleet Manager next and, in the end, the company. Omoove’s Edwin Colella suggests to focus on the future potential of telematics, rather than at the immediate cost. Finally, Nancy added: “Look at the big picture and understand the potential and limitations of your vender.”

Authored by: Yves Helven