26 oct 17

Italy True Fleet market softens, but stays positive in September

Growth in the Italian True Fleet market softened to 3.2% in September, mirroring lower growth in the Private market (+3.4%) and leaving room for Special Channels to grow by more than a third (+36.0%) compared to the same month last year.

All that adds up to 10.0% growth for the Total market, or in absolute figures: 173,000 new vehicle registrations – the best September for automotive sales in Italy since 2009, reports Dataforce. 

Outstanding performance

Bucking the trend for slow growth in the True Fleet segment as a whole last month, three brands stood out for their outstanding performance in September. 

→ With 194.4% growth over the same month last year, Nissan jumped from 14th to 4th place. This was thanks to phenomenal sales figures for the Micra (+1,314.3%; pictured) and X-Trail (+330.6%), and solid figures for the Qashqai (+82.4%).

→ Remaining in 8th place, Peugeot nevertheless grew by 49.9%, driven mainly by strong sales figures for the 3008 and 2008. Last month was Peugeot's best True Fleet month in Italy since June 2015. 

→ Alfa Romeo achieved 36.0% growth, driven by sales of its Stelvio SUV – already ranked 10th in the year-to-date SUV segment, and possibly rising another two places by year's end if growth continues at the current pace.  

Bivalent engines

In its overview of the Italian True Fleet market, Dataforce also looked into vehicles with bivalent engines (i.e. running on gas and petrol). Italy leads the way on bivalent engines, making up 45.9% of Europe's True Fleet bivalent market. 

Unsurprisingly, this is because of home manufacturer Fiat's specialism in this area. Fiat has a 51.4% share in YTD True Fleet bivalent sales in Italy. Other manufacturers are making inroads into the market, though; including Skoda (+ 28.3%), Opel (+ 10.5%), Nissan (+ 24.7%) and Dacia (+ 134.7%).

Image: Public domain

Authored by: Frank Jacobs