6 déc 18

Fixico, digitally disrupting car damage repair

Fixico won the Smart Mobility Startup of the Year Award at the Fleet Europe Summit in Europe, so we asked Luca Samori (Head of Partnerships, Fixico) what his company could mean for the remarketing industry. 

How could you describe the core business of Fixico in a nutshell?
Luca Samori: “Fixico is an online platform where car owners, fleet owners, fleet managers and insurance companies can easily obtain, compare and select the best offers for their car repairs.” 

What does Fixico offer in terms of remarketing?
“Our core business is to reinvent the car damage repair handling process end-to-end, where we have extensive experience. Recently, we've been applying our solution in the remarketing space. For example, we’ve been testing an opportunity with a leasing company in Germany, where the remarketing personnel could quickly check the repair costs of off-lease cars' damages and determine whether to repair them or not.”

“Secondly, they could check the price of the car repair, and therefore determine whether it is really worthwhile repairing the car; or charge (if you are a fleet manager at a leasing company), or being charged (if you are a fleet owner). If you are a fleet owner, you could decide to have the repair done if it would be much cheaper than paying the off-fare UWT (unfair wear & tear) when returning it to the leasing company. This results in lower handling and repair costs, shorter repair time and enhanced insight and control.” 

“Further on, we’re increasingly investing in AI and machine learning to further improve our process. Moreover, we can leverage our extensive database of damage reports, photos and prices which is leveraged to instruct our AI software.” 

What makes Fixico stand apart? 
“We are the only one that can run this kind of platform cross-border, very scalable, with the size we’ve got, by using a real-time tendering mechanism and by working with one of the largest body-repair networks in Europe. Our solution is easy to implement for fleets, provides fast results with a clear business case.”

What are your ambitions for the near future?
“We want to continue working with our partners, like AXA and Aon and extend our footprint with them. Then, we will establish ourselves as a very credible partner for international/major fleet and leasing companies in our geography which is for the moment across Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and beyond.  We’ll also expand our footprint across Europe very rapidly. Eventually, with the AI software added, which we will deploy from the beginning of next year, we are going to scale up very fast.” 

Image: The team of Fixico at the Smart Mobility Startup Awards at the Fleet Europe Summit 2018 (from left to right): Boris Koster (Head of Business Development), Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries (Founder & CEO) and Luca Samorì (CCO).

Authored by: Fien Van den steen