8 juin 18

Belgian Car-Pass now also mandatory for imported cars

The Belgian Car-Pass system, designed to prevent odometer fraud or clocking, will be extended to include imported second-hand cars. Henceforth, the Car-Pass will also provide details on emissions, vehicle inspections and recalls.

The Car-Pass is a mandatory document sellers of second-hand cars need to hand over to the new owner. Each time a car is taken to a garage, a workshop or a vehicle inspection, the current mileage is added to the database.

Under the new rules and considering that some countries do not have a central mileage database, car manufacturers and importers will be required to communicate their mileage data to Car-Pass.

The Minister for Economic Affairs, Kris Peeters, said: "Many car manufacturers have central databases with the mileage of the cars that are repaired in their workshops. If we include these data in the Car-Pass, we can stamp our mileage fraud completely."

On the additional information the Car-Pass will also include, Mr Peeters said: "It's important for buyers to know whether a car has been subject to recalls, to know its emissions and to know whether the car still needs to go to vehicle inspection. These are all data that can affect a car's value, which is why we will include them in the Car-Pass."

Following a recent vote in the European Parliament, the European Commissino has been tasked with drafting a legislative proposal to combat mileage fraud on the European level.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck