16 mai 17

Pomp: The mobile fuel station

In a world and economy where time is money, saving time is valuable, also when it comes to Fleet Management. Pomp is an on-demand fuel delivery service that was created in June 2016. It brings fuel to its customers in a utility vehicle equipped with a custom made fuel tank. Co-founder and CMO Stéphane Robyn explains the thinking and the process.

How international are you?
POMP was launched in Paris and is going to expand into Europe in 2017 starting with Stuttgart at the beginning of June. We are working with major automakers from France, Germany and USA to implement our service in the core of the connected car, its operating system. We will also add extra services to our offering. Our plan for 2017-18 will be to expand in the rest of Europe and reach to other continents as well, details will be announced soon.

What are the dedicated services you offer for fleets?
We offer fleets a tailor-made service. After auditing their needs in volume and frequency, we agree on a service schedule.

What is the added value of POMP Fuel for fleet customers?
Our clients avoid losing time and allocating human and/or financial resources to a task that in itself brings no added value to their business. They can plan, anticipate and monitor their consumption while preventing fraud at the same time, since our certified drivers only serve registered vehicles. And along with this, the costs benefits on the TCO are that our clients do not have to spend fuel to get fuel. The cost of fuel as charged by us is calculated on the average of the delivery zone.

Do you already have client references?
We are working with major international car rental companies, parcel deliveries services and several corporate headquarters. 

Image copyright: POMP

Authored by: Steven Schoefs