12 jan 19

Could the Nordics be the next Saudi Arabia?

In the wake of this year's consumer electronics and technologies conference CES 2019 in Las Vegas and with 5G around the corner, one question that comes to mind is where will all the Big Data for the technologies of the future be stored and processed. 
Much like the world revolving around the oil industry today, many feel that these large banks of information are what will control mant of the planet's connected technologies and businesses, including many of the world's vehicle and mobility solution companies of the future.  
While countries such as Saudi Arabia and others are the centers of the oil industry today, much of the digital information of the future will be stored and processed in the Nordics, especially so for Iceland, says next-generation mobility expert Vipin Moharir.

According to Moharir who is the founder of international next-generation mobility solutions company Autofacets, there is one simple reason for this and that is cheap energy. 
"The amount of energy, or to say electricity, required to process Big Data is so huge, and free accessibility is basically only available in this region," the executive told Global Fleet.
“We are currently setting up a client in Iceland right now and the cost of energy there is peanuts compared to other places.  There is volcanic activity there, heat continuously rising from the ground, and thermal energy plants. Mother earth gives you all the energy you need there,” he said.

In addition to this, the average annual temperature in Iceland is about 5 degrees celsius so this reduces the need for energy hungry air-conditioners.

Volcanic activity in Iceland (Source: Shutterstock)
As for data disbursement, Moharir explained that this will take place in The Cloud with the support of Microsoft Edge, a storage place on the edge of The Cloud which will store the world’s most important data. 
Just wait. We will be seeing phenomenal and even unheard of stuff in the mobility industries over the next five years or so, added the executive. 
Autofacets develops next-generation mobility solutions, from supporting startups to providing solutions for large scale fleet, rental, B2B and corporate customers. It is one of the business units of the Gateway Corp, a corporation which invests in new technologies, including disruptive technology and next generation mobility companies.

Other countries with vast amounts of geothermal energy and comparitifely inexpensive electricity cost are Indonesia, Turkey, and the United States. 

Authored by: Daniel Bland