8 sep 21
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IAA Mobility: Hyundai set to re-define overland shipping with Trailer Drone concept

Hyundai's Trailer Drone, 2021

Announced under the Hydrogen Vision 2040 concept, Trailer Drone displays a futuristic truck defined as "a hydrogen-powered container transportation system capable of operating fully autonomously.”

Carrying a tank of hydrogen which provides a 1,000 km range, the shipping truck sits on two e-Bogies. Representing an autonomous electric chassis powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, each e-Bogies carries sensors and computers to provide autonomous driving.

The Trailer Drone comes to life when two e-bogies are attached to each end of the trailer. Thanks to their four-wheel independent steering, e-Bogies bring high manoeuvrability to the trailer and they can move on any area like ports and crowded highways.

The trailer can autonomously deploy legs upon arrival to its destination as e-Bogies can be used independently after that. Additionally, the trailer can be split into three parts, carrying an individual container for different destinations when needed.

e-Bogies can also serve under the Rescue Drone concept, carrying a drone and emergency service equipment. Hyundai believes this concept can be used against fires and in other disaster relief situations.

Image: Hyundai's trailer drone, courtesy of Hyundai.