8 sep 21
Fil d'Actus

Tesla will release the new version of self-driving software via a "public beta button"

Image: Bram van Oost, UnSplash

The long-awaited version of full self-driving software by Tesla may finally arrive in early September, according to Elon Musk.

The FSD was first announced for release in 2018 and then in 2019 with the promise of "having more than a million full self-driving cars" on the road the next year. The promise didn't come true in 2020 but in July of the same year, Tesla began shipping the FSD 9 only for members in the early access program.

Musk announced on Twitter that the 10th version will be available for customers in the early access program, and a few weeks are needed for clearing bugs and tuning. After this, FSD is expected to be available via a "public beta button" for Tesla customers.

The FSD controls the steering, lane centring, braking and acceleration of cars. Nevertheless, drivers won't be able to enjoy a full ride with their hands away from the steering wheel. FSD requires driver supervision at all times and it is still under development. Requiring driver supervision undermines the "full self-drive" capability of the car while some deem it dangerous.

*Image: of inside a Tesla, courtesy of UnSplash.