18 nov 22
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Stellantis ramps up investment in autonomous driving

Stellantis ramps up investment in autonomous driving

Stellantis has acquired aiMotive, an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous driving software developer, to bolster its autonomous driving development.

Besides enhancing Stellantis' AI and autonomous driving core technology, the acquisition of aiMotive expands the global talent pool of the automaker and strengthens the mid-term development of the all-new STLA AutoDrive platform.

Stellantis sees AI and autonomous driving as a substantial part of sustainable mobility, while aiMotive's technology will focus on the development of four key areas:

  • aiDrive: Embedded software stack for autonomous driving
  • aiData: Artificial intelligence operations and data tooling
  • aiWare: Expertise and intellectual property for silicon microchips
  • aiSim: Software simulation for the development of autonomous driving

Stellantis plans to deploy three new technology platforms, STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit and STLA AutoDrive, in 2024 across the four new STLA vehicle platforms. Through this software strategy, the automaker expects to generate around €20 billion in incremental annual revenues by 2030.

In April, Stellantis announced a multi-year collaboration with chip giant Qualcomm to install Snapdragon Chassis solutions for the STLA Brain and STLA SmartCockpit platforms. Stellantis collaborates with Amazon and Foxconn to develop the STLA Smart Cockpit. 

aiMotive is headquartered in Hungary and has offices in Germany, the United States and Japan.

Image: Stellantis/aiMotive

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen