4 fév 19
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Self-driving tests set for northern France

The latest step in the move towards autonomous cars in France has just been announced by the Ile de France region around Paris. A real world testing zone has been designated on the A13 motorway close to two car factories. These are the Renault factory at Flins and the PSA factory at Poissy. The photo shows an electric Renault Zoe car in production at Flins.

In concrete terms, the president of the regional council has earmarked some money so that the two car manufacturers can undertake tests on this motorway. Certain infrastructure which will be needed for the tests to take place will be financed by this regional grant. Works on this is set to begin this year. France (like other countries) is yet to develop a legal framework for self-driving cars but this initiative will provide another building brick towards this.

(Image: Renault)

Authored by: Tim Harrup