Past event25 oct 17 to 5 nov 17

Global Fleet at the Tokyo Motor Show

Motor show

Starting: 25 oct 17 - 10:00
Ending: 5 nov 17 - 18:00

For the first time, GlobalFleet is present at the 45th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show which has opened on October 27th and will close doors on November 5th. The Motor Show features over 153 companies and organizations from 10 countries, including all 15 Japanese brands, as well as 19 non-Japanese brands exhibiting their passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Newcomers to the Show include Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania, while passenger cars from Volvo Cars and motorcycles from Harley-Davidson are making a return.

Beyond the Motor


This year’s theme is “Beyond the Motor” : the organisers, the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association as well as the exhibitors are showing the latest technologies and demonstrate how vehicles will exceed their current functionality and provide for opportunities for innovation and business. The Tokyo Motor Show has become more than a display of cars: it’s an exhibition of technology.

Tokyo Connected Lab 2017


The newest addition to the Motor Show and by far the most impressive initiative of the 2017 edition, is the Tokyo Connected Lab. Three interactive programs offer easy-to-understand activities, with opportunities to experience the connections and new “values” that will emerge with the mobility of the future. Our favourite is a gigantic dome shaped visual projection, called “Future”: an interactive program incorporating autonomous driving, car sharing, personal mobility, smart logistics and other elements of the mobility society, that is being planned for the megacity of Tokyo in 2020 and beyond. Input by participants by means of a on the Motor Show’s mobile app are displayed to create a dynamic visual experience.

The second program, called the “Maze”, enables visitors to experience in VR driving around in a futuristic, connected maze-like Tokyo. It demonstrates the advantages and excitement of a city where cars, drivers and infrastructure are connected.

In the third program, “Meet Up”, visitors can participate and listen to talk sessions and pitch events where people from the “traditional” supply chain (Nissan, Honda, Toyota,…) are confronted with people from “new” sectors (media artists, designers,…) and discuss topics such as Japanese crafts, science, life style and entertainment.

Models on display


Obviously, the Japanese manufacturers are keen to show their new concepts, prototypes and production models. Over the next coming days, GlobalFleet will dedicate several articles to the major Japanese brand, but we can already share that the prototypes reinforce the identity of their manufacturers : Daihatsu and Suzuki as the small car specialist, Mazda as the design manufacturer, Honda and Toyota as the generalists, Subaru as the sport and adventure brand.

Visitors of the Motor show can also see a limited number of Japanese premieres of European manufacturers : The VW Arteon, Polo and I.D. Buzz, smart vision EQ fortwo and the Mercedes AMG Project One as well as the Audi Elaine, Q8 sport concept and new A8 were shown for the first time in Tokyo.



Also for GlobalFleet, a live presence at the Tokyo Motor Show is a premiere. We will be sharing with you our experiences, new model reviews and lots of pictures taken during the press days. Over the next weeks, GlobalFleet will add interviews with manufacturers and technology suppliers.