20 déc 17

WIKIFLEET UK launched - a comprehensive view on the UK fleet market

Global Fleet launched a new online encyclopaedia for the UK fleet market. The country now has its own section on Global Fleet’s WIKIFLEET site, covering the nation’s economic performance and, in particular, detailing its automotive and fleet management sector.

Independent chapters give a valuable insight into the scale of the UK’s new car market, ranking manufacturers and models, and revealing the market shares of the fleet, business and private sectors. The UK WIKIFLEET page also covers automotive taxation in the country, including annual road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) and company car tax.

For international businesses looking to launch a fleet in the UK, there is a chapter on the most popular types of vehicle finance and their advantages and disadvantages from a British perspective.

With one of the largest and most advanced company car markets in the world, the UK has one of the longest-established perk car sectors, and is at the forefront of developments in the fleet sector, such as cash-for-car alternatives, personal leasing and all-employee car ownership schemes.

As with all websites inspired by the Wiki philosophy, expert users have the opportunity to update the information and add new details to the WIKIFLEET page. 

Click here for WIKIFLEET UK.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning