15 fév 19

2019 Geneva Motor Show: these cars will shrink your carbon footprint

The countdown to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show has begun. Between today and March 5, the first press day of GIMS, we will bring you the hot and steaming novelties on wheels as they roll in.

By the looks of it, electricity will be in the air at the Swiss capital of high-end watches. From city cars to hyper-cars, there is no escaping from the silent and clean power of electrons.

Indeed, sustainability is at the heart of most every company nowadays. The EV landscape is about to get more populated in the middle segment, where new electric models offering 300 to 450 km of real range at a competitive TCO will emerge.

Next to that, many car makers are adding a battery and electric motor to existing ICE models to turn them into anything from mild hybrids to fully fledged PHEVs. Stay plugged!

18 days to Geneva: the electric Audi e-tron crossover concept

15 days to Geneva: Polestar 2 shows its electric butt

13 days to Geneva: an electric Chinese SUV called Aiways U5

12 days to Geneva: Subaru on its way to electrification


Authored by: Dieter Quartier