29 mar 17

Refining the SUV. Redefining your fleet.

The New Range Rover Velar made a bold statement at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Its new levels of refinement and technology, with an exterior summed up by a reductive yet refined design, present the ideal fleet and business solution. The New Velar maintains elegant simplicity and sophistication but ultimately is driver-focused. Advanced performance and innovative technologies ensure that Land Rover's most refined and capable mid-size luxury SUV will elevate fleet and business standards.

An avant-garde approach to business

At first glance, the New Velar’s stand-out design features, optimised proportions and elegant silhouette place it in a class of its own. Yet, the revolutionary exterior of this mid-size luxury SUV is just the beginning. 

Inside the New Velar, you’ll experience the redefinition of the company vehicle. The state-of-the-art Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with two 10” High-definition Touchscreens provides ease and efficiency in operation. The vehicle’s All Wheel Drive (AWD) with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) offers unrivalled comfort, control and performance combined with the off-road capability expected in Range Rover. A light, stiff, aluminium-intensive body structure enhances ride quality, agility and efficiency and makes the New Range Rover Velar truly performance-focused.

Refine how you do business.

Fleet expansion is often determined by financial considerations. Beyond being a revolutionary vehicle, the New Range Rover Velar is also geared towards bottom lines.

Behind its distinctive exterior, the Velar’s technologically-advanced engineering provides ultimate performance. Clean, refined 4-cylinder Ingenium diesels, offered in 180PS and 240PS variants and noted for their low 142g/km CO2 emissions and high 500Nm torque, lend themselves to a fuel economy that compliments the most rigid of financial considerations. Joined by the new, highly-advanced 4-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine which delivers 250PS and enables acceleration from 0-100km/h in just 6.7 seconds, the New Range Rover Velar shifts seamlessly between adventure, business and the everyday.

Range Rover Velar – offered in six petrol and diesel options – is engineered for efficiency and meets stringent Euro 6 regulations. With its smooth-shifting, 8-speed automatic transmission, it delivers a composed driving experience synonymous with a Range Rover. 

A reflection of your company. A reflection of refinement.

While first impressions are important, performance and price are the ultimate factors of consideration in fleet expansion. The New Range Rover Velar does just that with precision. Its distinctive character, and the combination of a reasonable price and practicality are why it truly resonates with fleet and business owners. 

Through its luxurious, spacious interior that combines simplicity with premium materials and details, the New Range Rover Velar gives occupants an experience of comfort, quality and elegance. As Range Rover legacy is one defined by the next level of quality in design, engineering and innovation, the New Velar embodies that while totally redefining fleet expansion.