29 oct 18

WLTP driving down Italian True Fleets by 34%

Up 25.5% in August, the Italian True Fleet market was down 33.8% in September, figures released by Dataforce show. “Despite that negative result, year-to-date growth is still in the black, at +4%,” says Dataforce analyst Gabriel Juhas. 

Italy’s August peak and September trough were both caused by the introduction of WLTP, the EU’s stricter vehicle emissions test protocol.

Special Channels
As in other European markets, WLTP affected more than just the True Fleet segment. Italy’s Private market segment declined by 14.1% in September, while Special Channels lost 37.2% compared to the same month last year. 

However, while the Total market dropped 23.7% to just 136,000 new passenger car registrations, this was hardly a new negative record for the Italian market, unlike in other European countries. 

Pole position
The decline in sales was felt by most top True Fleet brands. “Despite a huge loss in volume, Fiat maintained its pole position, followed by Mercedes – which benefited from larger losses by other OEMs to jump from 6th to 2nd position”, says Mr Juhas. 

Peugeot, in 9th position previous September, increased its True Fleet registrations by 15% and jumped to 3rd place. This was due largely to the success of its SUVs, the 3008 and 5008, and of the 308, which took 2nd place in True Fleet’s Compact Car segment. 

BMW, VW, Ford and Toyota took 4th to 7th place, in that order. Toyota gained 35.2%, mainly thanks to the hybrid versions of the Yaris, C-HR and the Auris Touring Sports.

Compact Car
In 8th place, Skoda grew by 18.2% thanks mainly to the new Karoq. The Octavia (pictured), True Fleet’s number one Compact Car, stabilised Skoda’s volume. Renault and Nissan closed the Top 10. 

Further down the ranking, Volvo (16th) increased its True Fleet sales by 37.5% thanks to the V40, XC40 and XC60; and Jaguar (21st) more than doubled its registrations (+104.8%), mainly thanks to the E-Pace. 

Again due to WLTP-related sales movements, virtually all vehicle segments saw their sales decline in September, with the Luxury Class the only exception (+15.2%). Year to date, however, some segments remain in the black. That is the case for SUVs (+31.2%), Small Cars (+3.7%) and Sports Cars (+19.2%).

Authored by: Frank Jacobs