5 jan 19

Volvo spin-off Polestar teases second model

EV-specialist Tesla is about to get an extra competitor for its Model 3. The second model in the Polestar-model range is to be the fully electric Polestar 2, that is believed to be marketed at a cost that is very near to that of Tesla’s “budget” model. It might be premiered at the next Geneva Motor Show in March.


Given the fact that the first Polestar model, conveniently called Polestar 1, is a rechargeable hybrid, this Polestar 2 will be the first Volvo Group-vehicle that is fully electric. It will offer a range of about 300 miles or 480 kilometres on a full charge, and feature an electric powertrain generating up to some 400 hp. The brand announced its style to be four-door “fastback”-like, and derived from the 40.2-concept car, but as of yet did not show more than the picture you see above this article. Its style will in any case be different from the 1, that is a two-door coupé.


The Polestar 1 will share its CMA-platform (Compact Modular Architecture) with Volvo’s XC40, which could mean that one day, we could be able to find the technical specifications of the Polestar 1 in the compact Volvo-SUV.


In the Polestar 2, for the very first time, the new Google Android Auto HMI will be featured, including the debut for Google’s Assistant for cars, comparable to Amazon’s Alexa, and not needing the presence of a compatible smartphone in the vehicle.


As is the case for the Polestar 1, the second model will be available for puchase in a traditional manner, but also in a monthly subscription-scheme covering rental, service and insurance. The Polestars will not be sold in classic Volvo dealerships, but in town-centre located “Polestar Spaces” allowing a more casual approach to the brand. Volvo dealerships will however continue to sell the “Polestar engineered” range of Volvo cars, with sportier characteristics than classic Volvo’s.


It is believed that Polestar will soon provide more pictures, characteristics and –of course- a scheduled production date, which however will be after the sales of the limited edition model Polestar 1 will have started.


Photo: Polestar

Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert