29 juin 18
Fil d'Actus

Skoda & Digilab launch car-sharing platform for students in Prague

Skoda Auto and Skoda Auto DigiLab are financing Uniqway, a car-sharing project developed by and for students from three universities in Prague.

The Czech manufacturer has made 15 Skoda Fabias available to the project, set up by students who took care of the app development, graphic design and marketing activities.

In a pilot phase, starting in July, 300 students can use the cars and give their feedback. In a later phase, the project can be offered to all students from the three universities in Prague. More universities could follow later.

After signing up for free using their student ID, students can search for and rent cars via the app. A special Uniqway button in each of the 15 Skodas uses a colour code to provide information about whether the vehicle is in a potential parking zone or the correct location to return the vehicle.

Image: Skoda Fabias in Uniqway livery (source: Skoda)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck