3 oct 23
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Telematics and AI insurance for commercial fleets

Telematics and AI insurance for commercial fleets

Provider of digital First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and incident reconstruction solutions Xtract and Fixico, a Europe-wide digital car repair management platform, today announced a strategic partnership to offer a fully integrated solution for insurance companies and commercial fleets looking to combine telematics-based incident and repair management.

Xtract leverages vehicle telematics and AI to reduce the time and expense of claims handling via a configurable FNOL platform. Fixico’s digital repair management platform and extensive European repair network allow customers to control vehicle repair downtime and costs. 

Using AI to enrich damage reporting

Xtract can show the cause of the incident, allowing insurers and commercial fleets to report and manage the claim. Then, Fixico uses AI to enrich the damage report, enabling fleet or claims managers to choose the most suitable repairer and track the repair process.

“By partnering with Fixico, we're enabling our clients to pinpoint the best vehicle repair options from an extensive network spanning over 3,000 facilities throughout Europe,” comments Michael Flanagan, CEO of Xtract.

“This partnership exemplifies our commitment to continuously improve and offer the best possible solutions to our clients by strategically collaborating with industry leaders such as Xtract,” said Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO and Co-founder of Fixico.

Image of [From left to right] Dave Hedges, COO of Xtract, and Frans Ditmer, CCO of Fixico, courtesy of Fixico

Authored by: Alison Pittaway