13 mar 23
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Webasto helps HR and fleet managers with automated billing

Wesbasto's new add-on is part of their CargeConnect software

Taking away the burden from the shoulders of the hr- or fleet manager, system provider Webasto offers an add-on for their ChargeConnect software that automatically bills employees who use the firm’s charging infrastructure.

The goal of the software service is two-fold. On the one side, it invoices charging sessions right from the pay roll of the employee; on the other, it helps to reduce downtime as the app can book also book the charging points for predefined periods to avoid queues in the parking lot. 

With the same app, EV drivers can start, end and monitor the charging session. The column can be identified by scanning the designated QR code, by remote control on the smartphone or, alternatively, by RFID cards.

Reducing stress

Obviously, the new add-on is connected and permits companies to integrate charging data into cloud enterprise resource planning systems, abbreviated as ERPs. The only thing the fleet or hr manager needs to do is to set up a user group for the employees. From then on, the charging processes will be mapped and handled automatically.

Webasto developed the service to help out in situations where drivers of EVs pay manually at the charging station. In addition, the reservation system helps to reduce stress. Once the booking has been confirmed, only the designated vehicle can charge. On top of that, the application allows gaining more transparency about the charging patterns in the parking lot.

Billing charging costs is an increasing effort for many companies. If you want to learn more about how connectivity can support your daily operations, join us for the Connected Fleets Conference in Brussels from 27-28 March.

Image Source: Webasto

Authored by: Piet Andries