28 fév 23

800 multinationals can’t be wrong – so join IFMI!

It’s been 20 years since Fleet Europe founded the International Fleet Managers Institute. In that time, IFMI has shared knowledge and inspiration with fleet decision makers – from junior managers to experienced professionals – of more than 800 multinationals. Here’s why you should join too. 

International fleet managers who want to stay successful, need to stay up to date. That, in a nutshell, is what IFMI does. 

Tactics and strategies

Even if the key challenges of international vehicle fleet management have not changed much over the years, there has been plenty of movement in the fleet ecosystem. Plus, the tactics and strategies to procure, manage and monitor a multinational fleet have evolved a great deal.

Managing an international fleet is not just about saving cost. As an international fleet manager, much of your energy goes to implementing corporate ESG and Sustainability targets. Dovetailing with this is the growing dominance of technology as a lever for fleet management intelligence.  

How IFMI helps

All of that is complex enough, but there’s more. Today’s fleet managers must carefully balance their vision with the expectations of a growing group of internal stakeholders, including Comp & Ben, Finance, Operations, Legal, and Facilities – to name but a few. 

So, how does IFMI help? IFMI is a non-commercial educational platform designed to inform managers of international fleets of passenger cars and/or LCVs about tactics and best practices to optimise their vehicle fleet management and to foster the development of their international fleet strategy. 

Two pillars

Today’s IFMI programme consists of two pillars: 

  • IFMI Europe. Focused on pan-European vehicle fleet management specifics and trends. This pillar includes strategy and policy setup, fleet procurement, tendering and supplier management, reporting and TCO, safety and driver behaviour, and green fleet management and electrification. 
  • IFMI Connected. Focused on the setup and rollout of a connected fleet. This pillar is dedicated to international vehicle fleet managers who are looking to digitalize their fleet management and implement connected vehicle technology and telematics to enhance fleet efficiency.

Both IFMI Europe and IFMI Connected consist of virtual and live-attendance sessions. Both IFMI programmes are exclusive – i.e. only for international corporate fleet managers; no fleet suppliers or consultants allowed. This is to maximise best practice sharing. Both are free to enter. 

So, if you are managing a corporate fleet with an international dimension, come join us now!

When, you might ask? Here is what you need to know:

IFMI Europe and IFMI Connected each have three sessions in 2023, two virtual and one ‘live’. Each session is about two hours long. 

IFMI Europe:

  • 14 February (virtual): How to increase cost control in 2023 (this session is past).
  • 3 May (virtual): Maximising your fleet potential by lowering your carbon footprint.
  • 21 November (live at the Fleet Europe Summit in Lisbon): A toolkit for fleet manager success in 2024.

IFMI Connected:

  • 14 March (virtual): How to achieve tangible ROI with insights in telematics and vehicle data.
  • 27 March (live at the Connected Fleets Conference in Brussels): How to efficiently manage multi-country fleet data.
  • 11 April (virtual): How electrification and telematics are the perfect match.

The IFMI Europe sessions are standalone events. The IFMI Connected sessions are, well, connected. Together, they form a comprehensive programme. Attend all three, and you will receive an IFMI certificate. (Of course, you can still choose to attend only one or two). 

Register to IFMI Connected here!