24 oct 23

Arval Connect: Make your journey to connectivity a success

Arval Connect, the connected fleet solution by Arval, is tailored to help you manage your fleet by optimizing your TCO, improve your drivers’ safety, move towards a more sustainable fleet and increase the efficiency of your operational teams.

What makes Arval Connect different?

Arval Connect has been built alongside customers to better fit their expected needs and offer a strong focus on proven and tangible benefits. In particular, customers can expect several advantages:

  • an optimized TCO: for example, by identifying ways to reduce fuel consumption (up to 16% fuel savings),
  • improved safety and a more sustainable fleet: by providing a personalized driving behavior profile and promoting road safety (up to 25% accident reduction), analyzing electrification opportunities and reducing CO2 emissions,
  • a more efficient workforce: offering the possibility to assign urgent tasks, optimizing time spent driving and easing tax administration.

Arval Connect facilitates drivers’ acceptance

The protection of your data is important to us and we want our solution to respond best to drivers’ legitimate concerns. That is why Arval Connect has put drivers’ privacy at the heart of the solution’s design. This level of protection stems from the experience and credibility of parent group (BNP Paribas). 

Ready to use: 

  • Minimise the administrative burden at set up and during contract life cycle
  • Equipment installation is part of the vehicle delivery process
  • Rental contract monitoring and recontracting requests directly through the platform
  • Leasing data (vehicles and contracts) automatically uploaded & combined with telematics data
  • Accurate fuel KPIs based on Arval fuel card¹ and vehicle activity

Customers receive tailored assistance throughout their project implementation, making sure their journey to connectivity is a success. Arval is committed with a strong and differentiating “money back guarantee”. That is why more than 15,000 companies trust us to deploy their connected fleet. Arval now has a connected fleet of more than 500,000 vehicles within 28 countries.