21 avr 22

CloudMade reveals the most critical data fleets seek in 2022

The era of digitalisation may be a bit hectic for fleet managers, whose minds are too occupied with adapting to new fleet management technologies and updating their strategies to reach efficiency and sustainability. While connectivity and telematics unleash an almost infinite amount of data to manifest the primary targets of fleet management, dealing with the data is not an easy feat. 

CloudMade, provider of Fleet Predictions as a Service, maximises fleet data by improving fleet management software (FMS) through machine learning (ML). 

CloudMade’s data science and ML expertise perfectly complements fleet management software to provide mobility and fleet predictions and innovative use cases. ML based predictions and use cases thus offer essential insights for fleet optimisation and setting the best strategy towards sustainability. 

Better management of data and enhancing the capabilities of fleet management software through machine learning results in: 

  • Better fleet optimisation, 
  • Improved forecasting and analysis, 
  • Efficiency in fleet electrification and 
  • Increased competitive advantage. 

Yet, CloudMade’s Fleet Predictions as a Service has a lot to offer in 2022 and beyond. The Fleet Management Survey of 2022, which will be conducted until the beginning of May, reveals the top priorities of fleet managers they seek from their fleet management software. 

The results obtained so far from the survey reveals the need for much better handling of data in terms of gathering, processing and providing critical, predictive insights:

  • For 87,5% of large fleet owners, having access to a Predictive EV-charging strategy within their FMS solution is “critical” or “very important”.
  • For 75% of fleet owners, predicting Vehicle Demand within their FMS solution is “critical” or “very important”.
  • For 52,4% of fleet owners, being able to Predict driver behaviour within their FMS solution is “critical” or “very important.”

Uncovering the “pain points” of fleet management 

Driven by the trend of electrification and global challenges such as supply chain disruptions and soaring energy prices, fleet managers seek critical fleet management components to overcome obstacles and reach their targets in 2022. These vital components, underlined by CloudMade, are;

  • Better sustainable fleet managements solutions for electrification, 
  • Interoperable data fleet management enhanced by ML,
  • Real-time alerts and route mapping systems. 

According to CloudMade, predictive analysis is the critical skill that enables fleets to discover the rich and new information of their ecosystem. The Fleet Management Software survey aims to gather the responses from the fleet industry and provide an insight into the value of predictive fleet management use-cases. 

For instance, predictive driver behaviour use case helps fleets to reduce accidents to a minimum through telematics, while vehicle demand prediction enables customising the fleet size according to company needs. 

The survey will help CloudMade better understand the pain points of fleet owners and fleet managers regarding the FMS they are utilising. The survey will reveal the top requirements and most critical topics for the fleet industry, enabling CloudMade to develop more relevant use cases with their solution.

Managing the big data 

The Fleet Management Survey also revealed the struggle with big data. FMS providers and fleet owners can’t manage mountains of unstructured and unused data, creating unnecessary costs. 

The loss of business opportunities and value due to inefficient data management is an open call to take action, and this is what CloudMade aims to do. 

If you are a fleet owner, fleet manager or fleet director, fill out The Fleet Management Software survey to contribute to developing a better FMS. 

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