20 oct 21

Geotab: Successful EV adoption requires good data

How is data used in the transition to EVs and what benefits does it offer for efficiency? This is a question two experts from Geotab: Ingo De Schryver and Tamás Halbrucker think all fleet managers are curious about so they answer it here and in a Fleet Week webinar. 

“Fleet managers have too many questions and too much anxiety during the transition to EVs”, says De Schryver. “Data provides the answers to overcome obstacles in the EV journey.” 

Geotab, which processes 15 billion data records daily on its open platform, generates innovative data solutions to help fleets customize their operations. With more than 200 partner solutions, the Geotab marketplace appears as a map to find all telematics information for electrification. 

The first step in the EV journey is to come up with a personalized electrification plan by analyzing fleet data. Additionally, fleet managers can see the cost structure of a possible EV fleet and make TCO calculations including all aspects such as maintenance, rising prices, CO2 reduction and charging infrastructure. 

“The second stage comes when it is time to deploy the first EV vehicles. From this point on, fleet managers can access various tools to see the range in real-time, driver adaptation, charging cycles and costs in the long run. Being able to see real-time charging status and related notifications is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Halbrucker

Telematics tools offer customized electrification for fleets

After an EV is seamlessly integrated into the Geotab system, telematics data is converted into various tools to maximize the efficiency of a fleet. One is the fuel and energy report, in which the battery and fuel consumption of BEV and PHEVs can be traced. As an example, the tool helps a Mercedes-Benz

eSprinter to consume only 5 litres of diesel fuel in 100 km. 

An EV charging report presents all figures according to different EV models, charging locations and charging times. Fleet managers can set the optimum price range as well as understand how and where drivers are charging their vehicles. EV charge assurance board tool proactively investigates potential charging issues. Smart charging boosts efficiency by enabling optimizing charging capacity, minimizing costs and avoiding peak times. 

As video telematics begins to increase the input from connected vehicles, good data enables fleet managers to operate EV fleets with confidence and provide answers to all of their questions. 

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Photos of Ingo De Schryver, Business Development Manager EU, Geotab and Tamás Halbrucker, Solutions Engineering - Nordics, Central & Eastern Europe, Geotab.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen