27 oct 23

'Get Connected' to a Net Zero Future at the Fleet Europe Days

In a digitalised world running on data, fleets are destined to get connected. If your exclusive topic is 'Connectivity', you can join the 'Connected Track' at the Fleet Europe Days in Lisbon for a unique learning experience. 

The Connectivity Sessions

Only 24% of the cars in the European Union (EU) were connected in 2021. That figure is to jump to 93% by 2035. How ready for your fleet will be for the future? You can join the three 'Connected Track' at the Fleet Europe Days (FED), representing the third main session of the conference, on the second day of FED to find essential insights into Connectivity and related technologies: 

14:20-14:40 Connectivity and Mobility, a winning combination
14:40-15:00 Fleet connectivity, a must: “The net benefit of your digital fleet”
15:20-15:45 Connected technology, the trigger for your Destination Carbon & Accident Zero fleet

To see who is joining the sessions and the details, click here for the FED Programme.

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What will I learn? 

A new era of connected transportation approaches. Disruptive technologies like self-driving and augmented reality will change the understanding of carrying goods and people. The question is, how prepared your fleet will be for the future? In the Connected Track of the Fleet Europe Days, the experts of the industry will talk about the importance of connectivity and how to utilise and integrate the related technologies into your fleet strategy: 

  • Discovering connected mobility: What innovations and solutions do the connected technologies store for you? You can not get connected before understanding the world of connected mobility. Share the vision of the future mobility to become a part of it. 
  • The benefits of a digital fleet: There are too many concerns about connecting your fleet and adapting various digital solutions. Achieving sustainability and increasing your operational efficiency is not possible without connectivity. So, it's time to learn how to make it easier for your fleet. 
  • Simplifying the decarbonisation process: Getting connected means getting the whole vision and taking control of a fleet's aspects, down to the slightest emissions released to the atmosphere in your operations. Learn how to apply connected technologies to eliminate them. 

Join the Connected Track at the Fleet Europe Days and get your vision for your fleet's future. 

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen