5 juin 20

Goodyear launches new fleet tyre monitoring service

Tyre giant Goodyear has launched a new tyre monitoring service to relieve the workload of fleet managers who are running vehicles around the clock during the coronavirus crisis.

The enhancement to Goodyear Total Mobility, the company’s specialist fleet offer, provides fleet managers with access to an outsourced team who will manage tyre alerts on their behalf.

Detection and fix

The team will monitor vehicles fitted with the Goodyear Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Whenever the system detects a fast leak, high temperature or low tyre pressure signal, it alerts the service team. Technicians can then analyse the situation and select the most appropriate fix before the condition of the tyre deteriorates.

The technology can locate the vehicle and, if necessary, despatch a nearby service provider to repair the problem.

Grégory Boucharlat, Goodyear Vice President Commercial Europe, said: "We see a number of our large fleet customers running overtime to deliver essential goods such as food, medical and chemical supplies and for them uptime and the availability of drivers are even more critical than before.”

Twin speed fleets

He added that during the coronavirus pandemic Goodyear has seen two very different scenarios emerge among its fleet customers, with some in high-demand industries running their vehicles 24/7, while other fleets in industries brought to a standstill by Covid-19 have been forced to park their vehicles.

For businesses that have stopped their fleet activity during the crisis, Goodyear is providing practical tools to conduct vehicle checks, as well as giving recommendations to drivers on how to check the tyres of their vehicle before restarting operations.

 “The fact of having a large number of trucks and trailers parked for several weeks, leaves room for extensive vehicle and material checks, conduct preventive maintenance activities and install new equipment by the client,” said Boucharlat.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning