31 oct 22

“It’s always the right time to change for the better!”

Planning your corporate mobility journey without taking a wrong turn: that’s not simple, nor is it easy. You need expertise, and most of all: vision. Mobinck, which sponsors the Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award at the 2022 Fleet Europe Awards (17 November, Dublin), sees the first step as the most important one: “Whenever you feel the urgency to change – that’s the right time.”

Why should international companies expand their vehicle fleet management to mobility management?

“Traditionally within most companies, Travel and Fleet are two distinct departments, managed by different persons. That means not all mobility options are considered, information gets lost, and mobilty is not managed in a holistic way. However, since both departments deal with mobility, it makes sense to merge them. This makes it possible to manage mobility in a modern, effective and environmentally friendly way.”

“A mobility department with a holistic approach can consider all mobility options, and generate better solutions for a company’s objectives in terms of cost, sustainability and employee satisfaction. Now is the right time for companies to be the first movers in the transition of business mobility. And those companies that are already moving: they can purposely move further along this path.”

For those companies that are just in the starting blocks: What are your top tips to begin this mobility management journey? 

“If you’re at the beginning, that means you are aware of the urgency of change and are ready for it – that’s already a great start! The next important thing is to analyse the current status of your company’s fleet and mobility management. Find the answer to questions like: Which mobility modes are most frequently used? Which employees use mobility alternatives, and how frequently? How is commuting organised? And how is it tracked in terms of emissions?”

“You should analyse the behaviour of different user groups and gather fact-based insights. Those insights can help you achieve corporate goals on the one hand, and deliver on employee interests on the other. We can support overall corporate goals by clearly figuring out how much their mobility spend is, and by managing mobility in a way that supports their sustainability goals.” 

“Holistic mobility management means sustainable mobility at the lowest possible cost, while taking into account sustainability goals, social ambitions, and business processes. It also supports employee engagement, contributes to the right sourcing strategy and finds solutions that meet your company’s business objectives.” 

“We would like all those in the starting block to stay curious and not accept a ‘no’ from colleagues who want to maintain the status quo! It is always the right time to change for the better!”

How does Mobinck support the transformation from Fleet to Mobility?

“Mobinck acts as an umbrella brand of six different sister companies, each a specialist in their particular field. Together, we offer a unique ecosystem of solutions, from fleet management software to mobility budget management, and including a payment platform and driver safety solutions. Depending on your company’s needs, we set up a team of specialists to ensure you can get ahead of your mobility. We offer consulting, service, mobility solutions and implementation, all from one source.” 

“With our innovative, dynamic, and feasible mobility programmes, every company can achieve sustainability goals, reduce overall expenses and emissions, and increase employee satisfaction. We support companies along the entire way: from the status quo analysis, through the design of a specific mobility programme, to the roll-out and tool-guided control of the defined KPIs.”

Final question. What would you like to see in the candidates of this year’s Fleet Europe Awards? 

“By sponsoring this award, we encourage the industry to challenge the current state of things and to reward a forward-thinking approach to today’s challenges within corporate mobility. We expect candidates who are future-oriented, innovative professionals with a drive and strong will to move the business forward and match it with today’s requirements.”

Want to know who will be this year’s European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year? Click here to reserve your spot at the Fleet Europe Summit (Dublin, 16-17 November), which will conclude with the Fleet Europe Awards.

Interview with Michael Poglitsch, Managing Director at Mobinck.










Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen